Friday 22 June 2007

seeking creativity

Today, I decided to create a blog, after being 'creatively frustrated' for so long. From now on I am going to keep myself busy with creative projects...anything that interests me really. For starters I worked on some illustrator designs and one of my favourites is 'the red forest' I created. It gives me a sense of peace and simplicity, something that brings relaxation...I also added some clouds, which is one of the first 'designs' in my beginners project. I am no designer, I am just someone who loves to play in illustrator and try different things...I wish that I could go back to uni and complete a design course, but I guess I'll just have to learn 'by doing' and attend some short courses to be able to create better designs. Please feel free to comment on anything I post on this blog, I would love to hear from you all.

red forest

rain clouds

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Lara said...

From what I've seen so far it looks like you have a great design sense! I don't think you need to go do a course at all. I did a degree in Multimedia and we hardly learnt anything about design - just had to teach ourselves mainly and learnt stuff on the job. Just keep playing around and trying lots of different things :)

Take care,