Saturday, 28 July 2007

harry land ...

Hi there, I'm finally back on the planet after a week in Harry land. What a book...loved it. For everyone who hasn't quite finished it...I won't spoil the fun, you'll find out what happens. I was exhausted though, after I finished it on Thursday at 1am. The previous nights I had been reading it until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. It's like they cast a spell on you...'keep reading till you fall asleep'. Anyways, it was a great book and I think Marcel is happy to have his girlfriend back.

Yesterday we went to see Christina Aguilera in concert, which was an early birthday gift for Marcel. I was amazed by the amount of youngsters at a concert. Back when I was young I could only dream of going to a concert, let alone wear a mini skirt and make-up. Guess times have changed... We felt old though, which is weird cuz we're only in our mid-20's. Anyways, Christina has an incredible voice, I didn't know any human could produce such a sound. It was a great night out.

And today, we're going to the craft & quilt fair at the Melbourne exhibition excited...

And here's something I finished last week...another hottie

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