Friday, 28 September 2007

Big trip...

I still can't believe it...but we booked tickets to go to Holland in April.

Here's what happened. I receive webjet deals by email, which go straight to my spam folder by the way, and they had a 'twilight sale' on for Europe travelling between 27 September and 31 July. It had to be booked before midnight (last night).

At first we weren't sure about booking since Marcel doesn't have a job yet and my contract finishes in January. So we both don't know what we'll be doing by that time, but we figured that whatever it is that we'll be doing...3 weeks wouldn't do any harm. So we're going to Holland for 3 weeks. yay...home :)

Very exciting because Marcel has never been to Europe and he'll get to meet my whole family & all my friends. Awesome..

and this came in the mail today (yes, I know...I should have bought this ages ago)


stephanie said...

that sounds wonderful!

stephanie said...

i have been thinking about paint cards all week! what i am wondering is if there are cards that give you the html numbers to match up the colors online (like in photoshop)
....any suggestions?

Lara said...

Hey cool - that'll be heaps of fun. I'm sure he'll love it. I'd love to go sometime.

Yay for pantone guides. They make life so much easier. Word of advise tho - don't trust them when it comes to fabric printing - there's often weird discrepancies. Get samples done to be super sure :)

leslie said...

congrats on the big trip home! it's always so nice to what you're most familair with and stock up on all the goodies you can't get here - strangely comforting : )