Sunday, 30 September 2007

new books...

This weekend has been a bit slow and I am totally disorganised. I had a day off on Friday which was great because I got to do what I love doing...crafty & designy (I made this one up) stuff. In the afternoon I picked Marcel up from Werribee zoo where he takes photos. Too bad the weather wasn't that great because they took him on a private tour so he could take photos of the animals in their (replicated) natural habitat.

On Saturday (Grand Final Day for most guys) I went to the hairdresser. I've got a summer haircut now, it's shoulder-length and I'm really happy with it even though I still have to get used to it. In the evening I went to a friends place for a girls-night, which was awesome...tim tams, dips & crackers, chocolate, lots of gossip & a movie.

Today we took it easy. I needed to go to Handworks in Prahran to pick up some little rubber feet for the two lampshades I made and on the way back to the car we went to the Greville st bookstore. They've got the most amazing books on design etc. We bought two books...I found a great japanese design book but $150 is way out of my budget for buying a book.

Not sure when I'll post next since Marcel is entering his final stages of uni and he needs the computer a lot. Will try to sneak in and post while he's not looking ;)

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Kloth & Bolt said...

Just stumbled onto your blog, love your photos and can so relate to the missy higgins, grand final etc. -kb