Thursday, 20 September 2007

Thoughts, thoughts & more thinking...

Wow, that was a fast ride... Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments on my fabric and of course thanks for all the orders I have received. It was a bit scary at first as I posted my fabric on Etsy on Friday and only had one sale the next day. Made me worry...'what if nobody will buy it?' 'What will I do with all of it?' Then in the afternoon I suddenly got bombed with orders. That wasn't what I expected at all, but it definitely gave me confidence. Thanks so much!

After all the cutting, packing, posting I am back to designing again and will hopefully have something new to print soon. I am also getting ready for a market stall. I haven't put the application in yet, but I reckon I should do it since our house is a warehouse at the moment. After my sewing explosion the lounge is filled with cushions, bags, pot holders, wheat bags, hot water bottle covers etc.

I have been thinking about owning a house a lot and I really wish I 1. Could convince Marcel to move to the country with me, 2. Had enough money to buy a house, 3. Work on Hollabee full-time instead of having a full-time job somewhere else, 4. Could settle down at one spot, because it looks like we'll be travelling a lot in the future.
Still, I love surfing the real estate websites and look at the houses that are for sale. Daylesford & Maldon are my favourites. Dream, dream, dream.

Not much else going on in our lives. Marcel is super busy with his final year exhibition, which will be very exciting.

I do have one exciting thing to tell you...well I'll tell you half of it now and half of it later. My fabric will be available in shops...yay...I got wholesale orders.
Here's a pic of what I am sending off this weekend.

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dizzyjadey said...

I just got to feel your fabric today when I saw Belinda (tutti fruiti) and its lovely....I dare say it would look quite nice as a garment, too. Well done!