Wednesday, 5 September 2007

to do list...

My to do list is a little too long I think...most of the time I really have to force myself to go to bed. Tonight is one of those nights as my alarm will go off at 5.30am tomorrow morning :( I'm definitely not someone that is good at getting up so early, but I have to start work early. Thankfully it doesn't happen every week and it gives me extra hours that I can take off at another date.

Tonight I finished some cushion covers that were waiting because I ran out of black thread.
I also received my patterns in the mail that I ordered from reprodepot. One of my friends asked if I could make her a laptop bag that doesn't really look like a laptop bag, so I decided to get some help from patterns. One of the messenger bags is made of old woollen jumpers, pretty cool I think.

Marcel is updating his gallery and offers cards as well now, if you have to his gallery and have a look at the great photos he takes. They're definitely better than mine. He'll soon have a product photography table, which will make my life easier too. Maybe I can convince him to take photos of my crafty bits, if only he wasn't so busy. If anyone is getting married and needs a wedding photographer, he does that too, so send me an email and I will pass it on.

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dizzyjadey said...

Lovely patterns! Can't wait to see how you translate them into actual bags......I surfed over here from Jhoanna's (one red robin) blog. Cool to find another aussie craft blog!