Saturday, 27 October 2007

eco pow(d)er...

Well, it wasn't that long after all. I totally forgot that Marcel will be at the gallery most of his time.

Here's what I received in the mail today. I have been following all the eco comments on other blogs and even though we already try to live eco friendly...this just goes one step further...Our washing machine is super eco friendly and saves us heaps of water (I seriously don't understand the Australian government...they should ban top-loaders)
Anyways, we'll give this a shot and see how we go. I'm convinced it's good stuff.

The package also came with recycled envelopes and bio-degradable sticky tape, which is what I will be sending my products in from now on.

Here's where I bought it:

Neco - The Eco Superstore


Lissy said...

Great, thanks for the link :)I shall chekc it out... I buy a lot of stuff from Melaleuca too

Louise said...

Thanks for the link - I have been thinking about this for a while!

of paper & thread said...

sounds great, thanks for the link - looks like they have some great stuff!

here's a couple more links to some great eco washing powders i use: (smells great, works really well and comes in cool packaging!)

and for a cheaper alternative i have been using planet ark aware eco choice laundry powder which is fantastic and only $6.95 for 1.5kg

both these products are really concentrated so a little goes a long way :-)

Danielle McDonald said...

Hhhmmm - this is in invaluable and I am now feeling very guilty about the new, so called "extremely water efficient" top loader we just bought for our new house!! Well maybe I will do my bit through some of these great laundry powder links provided here! Thanks for making it easy for me!

Thanks also for your great comments on my blog. I am very local to you (being based in Altona North) and am preparing to move to Braybrook (near Highpoint Shopping Centre) VERY soon!

Thanks for letting me know about the next craft gathering at Meet Me At Mikes - I am still a bit scared about attending. (So much talent in one spot!) but will make it my goal to attend one in the next few months! (Should be enough "practice" time I hope!!)

Jelly Wares said...

Go you eco-warrior you!!! LOL...
Thanks for the great link, that shop looks fantastic. You will have to let me know how the detergent goes. I'd love to buy some.


jorth said...

I love this detergent, I've been using it for a while. Fabulous stuff. What did you think?

Julia said...

I have been using this for a while too & think it's great..I even use it for my delicates. I can buy at my local Terry White chemist which I'm quite happy on postage!