Tuesday, 6 November 2007

cup weekend...

It has been a while...I've been very busy over the last few days. I had an extra long weekend off since I took Friday and Monday off and today is a holiday for Melbourne because of the Melbourne Cup horse races. I haven't been sitting still though.

On Wednesday night I picked up Marcel's parents & family friend from the airport, who were staying with us until Monday. On Thursday night Marcel had an awards night at the gallery where their exhibition was held so we went to see that. Then on Friday I picked up my new fabric, which will be online tomorrow and I had tea with Shannon & Lara. At night we had dinner at Claypots in St. Kilda, no offence but I'm not a huge fan of seafood and this was basically all they had so I had some bread and prawns and that was my dinner. In the evening we watched comedian Russell Peters on dvd, which was absolutely hilarious. He's sooooo funny.

On Saturday I did the grocery shopping and then had the afternoon to myself, so I got busy sewing for an upcoming market & the festive season. In the evening we met up with family friends of Marcel's family and Marcel's friends from Sydney. We went to the station hotel in Footscray, which is owned by spanish people and has amazing paella (I know..seafood, but I just 'fish' out the good bits and leave the rest for Marcel).

On Sunday it was raining, raining, storming...it was pretty bad but it hadn't happened for the last two years so the heavy rain was welcome. I did some more sewing and we had pizza at home, watching Idols.

Yesterday we slept in, then went for lunch at a family friends' place (the one from Saturday) and then we dropped off Marcel's parents & family friend at the airport.
The house was very messy after having been there with five people for a long weekend, so I had a lot to wash & clean but it's all done now.

I spent the rest of my time, sewing, designing, making packaging, taking photos, cutting & counting fabric and relaxing (whenever there is time for that). Oh, I almost forgot...today we went to the TAB to place our Melbourne Cup bets. I put some money on Purple Moon, and for a split second she was winning...until 100 metres before the finish this other horse took over...Boo!

How was your weekend?


Jo said...

purple moon hey? was a bit disappointing wasn't it?... for a second I thought that we had backed a winner!!! can't complain though - it's such a good time to enjoy a loooonnnngggg weekend, and it sounds like you filled yours to the brim.

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Lady, are you trying to send me broke? MORE new fabric! Arrrgghh!
I just know that I will HAVE to have it - is it that spunky blue in the background?


Leah xxx

mizu designs said...

I had a bet on Dolphin Jo and it didn't win etiher :( Oh well.....
Love your new fabric colours btw.