Wednesday, 26 December 2007

after Christmas madness...

Our Christmas is over. It was a quiet one, but a good & relaxing one. Did you get anything exciting from Santa? I certainly did...I'm a lucky girl...

Santa brought me a Canon G9 camera, so I finally have something that fits in my bag. Now I have to start remembering to take it with me and actually take pictures.

I also received this pretty journal in which I will be able to write and draw my ideas.

My third present was a dvd of comedian Danny Bhoy, which we watched already and it was hilarious. Thanks Santa!

Today we went to the city, to face the boxing day sales madness. If I ever propose this again, please remind me that I should NEVER do this again. What on earth are so many people doing in the shops, don't they have families to be with? I mean, I have family but they're a gazillion miles away and I wish I could be with them rather than in an overfull bee hive. Despite the madness I did manage to get home with some new bathers, two tops and 4 years warranty for my new camera (which was the main reason we went there).

And then we went to watch the Golden Compass, which is a great boxing day movie...I was entranced throughout the whole movie. We saw it at the Sun Theatre...and I absolutely love this old - renovated theatre and their amazing bookshop.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, a great dinner, great presents and most of all a fantastic time with family. Lets get ready for a crafty 2008!


Rebecca said...

Merry Christams! We went to the Boxing Day sales two years ago and I swore never to go again - it was madness! Of course this year I'd forgotten and asked my hubby if he wanted to go - thankfully he remembered the last time and said, "Didn't we promise ourselves never to do that again??" - phew! Good that you got some bargains tho ;) Beautiful camera :) Here's to a very crafty and well-photographed 2008! :D

dizzyjadey said...

Totally empathise with you on the madness! We just came back from the shopping mayhem that is Sydney. What were we thinking?! And toting along a toddler, too. Hope you had a great christmas! And jealous of your new camera....that's next on my list.

Anonymous said...

hhmm.. it's crazy! i nvr go. I went to spotty instead and there was no one - bliss!

urgh.. the heat is horrible.

happy new year! and hope you will have a good time! here's to more craftyness and designyness and photo-ness next year.