Tuesday, 4 December 2007

back... and off again...

Yes, that's right. We got back from Beechworth Sunday evening and are off to Sydney tomorrow.

Beechworth is lovely, I have been there before but now I am totally in love with it (again). It's such a cute little place with an amazing (famous) bakery, great little cafe/restaurants and fantastic shops. They've got some good shops with handmade and designer stuff, very nice.

We arrived Friday afternoon, after a 3 hour drive (without car radio) and went to visit Jess, who is Marcel's uni friend. She lives on a farm just outside Beechworth. Jess was at the Boorhaman pub already for a drink and a pub meal so Jess' mum got a lift with us to give us directions. We definitely needed those. For all of you who have never been to an Aussie country pub...it's in the middle of nowhere and you wonder who will ever go there. The pub was fun and the locals very friendly. I'm always a little scared to walk into a country pub because I'm sure they can see that we're from the city...makes me feel a little uncomfortable...strange isn't it...we're all people after all. On Saturday we visited Yackandandah, Stanley and some other local places. In the evening we went back to Jess' farm to celebrate her 21st...gosh...wish I could go back in time, I'm starting to feel old now. It was great fun and we left at about 1.30am to go back to our cabin for a good night sleep. I had to drive back the next day and because I'm getting old I can't do all-nighters anymore ;) Sunday was just a 'hang out at Jess' place' day before driving home. Of course we had to make a stop at the Milawa Cheese Factory to stock up on some fresh and yummie cheeses. I really loved our trip to the country and I have been hassling Marcel all weekend saying that I'd love to move to the country...it didn't work.

That was our trip to Beechworth...and when I got home there was mail waiting for me in the mailbox...yay

I received the beautiful prints that I ordered from Catherine Campbell's etsy shop and she included a very welcome surprise...thanks so much Catherine! I also received a book voucher that I won on Kootoyoo's blog...very lovely Kirsty, thank you, thank you, thank you. She included something handmade as well, I'll post piccies of that later because Marcel took the camera to Sydney. I also received some very lovely postcards from the postcard swap that I participated in...again pics of this will follow. Thank you everyone, you made my day!

Now I'm off to pack my bags for Sydney as I'll be flying out tomorrow morning. We're staying in Parramatta for a work conference, which is great because I'll get to meet everyone from different states. Aaaaand I'm staying longer to spend the weekend with Marcel & his parents. Marcel flew to Sydney today to spend some time with his family and I'll join them later this week.

Have a great week(end) everyone...and keep an eye on the blog next week because there's a give away coming up.


Danielle McDonald said...

Ah, my parents live up that way and a friend recently got married at a winery just outside of Beechworth! It's a gorgeous part of the country isn't it!
Enjoy Sydney.

JenaVeve said...

Stumbling around crafty blog land and I noticed your reference to Yackandandah - who would've thought! My sister is moving into a small country town near there in the new year so daresay I will be visiting Yak in the near future (for the first time).

Great blog! I'm off to read more and check out some of your great stuff.


jorjamazing said...

I got so excited when I read this post.. Beechworth is a half an hour trip from my house, my cousin manages the Milawa Cheese Factory, and I used to work there! small, small world.

ps your blog s amazing