Sunday, 20 January 2008

11 of 30

homemade choc chip macademia cookies

One of Marcel's friends from Sydney stayed with us last night as she was in Melbourne for the Australian Open...and they decided to bake cookies during the Hewitt & Bagdatis match...well not till 4.30am but till about 2am. The cookies look a little bit funny but they taste delicious...crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside...yum.

She spent the day at the tennis, watching Federer as the last match of the day, while we had a Peking duck dinner with friends. I never had a Peking duck dinner before and I have to say it's an interesting experience and it tastes really good.

...and our new mattress got delivered yesterday... I had the best nights sleep ever, even though it was so short.
I also spent a lot of time cutting fabric & sewing yesterday...I got a whole lot done and it feels awesome. I have a new goal for the year, which is starting every Saturday like yesterday...getting up early to go to the South Melbourne markets at 9am. I couldn't believe it was so quiet...and don't start doing the same now Melburnians, otherwise I won't be able to find parking ;) ...kidding...


Louise said...

Bummer, I couldn't stay up to watch that match I was just too tired. I'll bet channel 7 were annoyed with the loss in ratings. The cookies look delicious and I have just bought cashews to make something similar. I used to live down the road from Sth Melbourne market and love it. We go sometimes to get stuff from the delis - yummy!!

Jesse said...

New mattresses are heavenly. I'm plotting to get one as soon as the budget allows!