Thursday, 14 February 2008


Bridget from Brid Bird tagged here we go...

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1. We’re going to Holland for 3 weeks in April and I’m already thinking about what to pack and what to buy there

2. I grew up in a tiny village in Holland, studied in a small city in Holland, did my exchange year in Leicester UK and then moved to Australia to complete my work experience…this was actually going to be 5 months only…and I’m still here

3. I just received my permanent residency…yay!

4. Right now it’s 12.40pm and I’m super hungry!

5. I haven’t had a haircut for 2 months

6. Sometimes one of the ladies at the post office doesn’t charge me enough (or forgets to charge me for something she processed earlier) and I don’t say anything (bad!?!?)

7. On Sunday I’ll be at the Williamstown market having my first ever market stall

Time for lunch now..I won't be tagging anyone because I've done it before and I really can't think of anyone to tag now.

and here's a pic of the shoes I bought online because I don't like posts without pics. I'll have to wait till April before I can wear them though, they're in Holland and there's no point in shipping them here because we'll be there in April.


Cosy said...

Yay for permanent residency!

Yay for kind post office lady (I prefer to think of it as kindness rather than you should say something)!

Danielle McDonald said...

Congratulations on your residency! YAY! I am excited for you about the markets! I used to the Williamstown market for nearly three years! I hope I get time to drop in a visit you! Oh and I LOOOOVE those shoes! You are very patient to wait until April!

Jenaveve said...

First, just adore those shoes. Also, congratulations on becoming a permanent resident - that's a big step, well done!

Best of luck with your first ever market stall - it's supposed to be a gorgeous day on Sunday so Williamstown will be buzzing. I hope to get down there and see some of your new fabric range.

tiel said...

hope that the market went well.

I'll be in Amsterdam for 1.5days at the end of march, any suggestions for good shops or eateries??