Monday, 17 March 2008

new edition to the family... not that kind

I just bought 'Wyatt' who was on today's etsy treasury, and isn't he absolutely adorable. I loooove the colours and I'm sure he's going to give me good company on the days that I'll be working from home.

I'm back at work last week here. I have to say that I'm still recovering from the Stitches and Craft show, where I got to meet lots of cool crafty peeps. Luckily this week is a short one, on Friday we'll hit the road for a weekend in Mildura...we have a birthday party to attend and I'm looking forward to it as I have never been to that part of Victoria.


Amy said...

Wyatt is so adorable. I'm sure he'll be a wonderful companion in the studio :)

I hope you have a lovely Easter and a safe trip up to Mildura for the weekend x.

Rachel said...

aw, cute! that shop has much adorableness.

Fer said...

He's so cute, knitted softies are just gorgeous!

Enjoy Mildura, I hope the heatwave will be over by then!

orange you lucky! said...

Wyatt from Etsy is adorable! Good buy!
Love your blog!

tiel said...

have a safe trip Bianca. happy Easter.