Friday, 21 March 2008


Over time I've been collecting some scraps...and while I normally give them away...I now have so many that I've decided to put some up for sale. They're really cheap and perfect for smaller craft projects. Most pieces are 18cm x 20cm or bigger.

On my way home from my last day at work yesterday I was lucky enough to find the local op-shop still open (I left work early...yay) and as I was about to walk out to go home, my eye spotted this fabulous table cloth.

I was about to cut it up to make cushion covers, but Marcel stopped me. He said I should leave it the way it is so he can use it for photo shoots. So you might see this one again in the future.


leslie said...

last day of work. that has such a nice sound to it. i had my last day awhile ago. part-time from now on. congrats!

three buttons said...

Good work Marcel, indeed a good styling cloth! Would of made great cushions too!!

I'm happy to hear your finished up with the full-time gig and it's ready time for new adventures!

Louise said...

I LOVE that table cloth and I completely agree - very cool looking as a photo prop!