Friday, 9 May 2008

time flies...

it's all going too fast. Next week we'll be going back to Australia and I'm really not ready for it, mostly because the weather has changed and the temperature is about 26 degrees now...yay!

We've done lots of sight seeing and spent the week in Limburg, which is our most southern province. It's the only province that has hills and everything looks super cute. We visited its capital city Maastricht, which is now at the top of my lists. I had never been to Limburg or Maastricht and I have to say that it is way more beautiful than Amsterdam...even Marcel says so. Here you find a true Dutch city without all the tourists and without all the yukkie coffee-shops.

I'll leave you with some photos.



Drie Landen Punt (Three Country Point: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands)

Valkenburg: a cute town with lots of tourists and cafes

Valkenburg: it has lots of history, caves, mines and old buildings

Valkenburg: the ruins of a former castle

Aachen (Germany): just on the other side of the border

Aachen (Germany)

Acquoy (a small town close to where I grew up)

Glass Museum Leerdam (handmade glass): my parents live in Leerdam now

Glass Museum Leerdam (handmade glass): Leerdam is famous for it's glass...check it next time you have a wine...

Cologne Germany (view from the Kolner Dom...we climbed the 592 stairs)


leslie said...

enjoy your last week at home. i love your pictures. wow. oh, i want to travel again.

SeaBird said...

That's a great shot from the cathedral - when I was in Cologne I spent all my time in the art museum and didn't make it to the Dom!


Fer said...

So beautiful, no wonder you don't want to come home!

alamodestuff said...

I just came across you shop on Etsy and love it...particularly, your fabrics.

Enjoy your time away!

Danielle said...

Looks like you're having a great time!
My grandparents were originally from Maastricht, before moving out to Australia to raise their family. I really loved seeing your photos and getting a glimpse of where they came from... thanks for sharing xx