Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Dutch twist...

I've been tagged by Pina to do a random meme with a Dutch twist. I wasn't quite sure what I had to do...but it says I'm posting a list of the things I miss. I love my life in Australia, but there are a few things from Holland that I miss.

1. Automatiek (frikandel, kroket, kaassouflé, hamburger, kipcorn, loempia), 2. Stokstraat, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 3. Lambs, 4. Marco & Ali B., 5. Frozen Fountain, 6. Fietsen aan de Amsterdamse gracht, 7. Kreta 4, 8. Winter fun in Holland., 9. 2 presents, 10. coffee & the city, 11. HEMA, 12. Schuilen voor de regen

1. Frikandel (which you can get 'from the wall')
2. Pretty cities (such as Maastricht, Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Amsterdam)
3. Green (like grass)
4. Music
5. Design
6. Bikes
7. Everything is so close...Europe
8. Snow & Ice skating
9. The language
10. Cheap holidays (to Greece, Spain, France, Italy)
11. HEMA
12. Rain (ok, just because we really need it here)

I'd now like to tag Irene @ Bloesem, Nina @ Nina in vorm and Tiel @ tsk tsk.


tiel said...

its funny about the green grass thing. Because I remember growing up in Melbourne how green the country side was, not like Qld!! But I guess it isn't so green now anywhere in Aus.
You could got to Tassie, its a little like England as far as scenery. :) Just close your eyes and pretend you are the European countryside.

ninainvorm said...

Interesting, thinking about my own 'dutch identitiy'! Nice tag, I'll have to think about it some more, but I'm sure I'll find something nice!

Pina said...

Thanks for taking part in this meme. (Yes, I wondered too what exactly I should do.) I like your meme very much, it is so colorful! :)

ismoyo said...

Hey Lady, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you did so i could find yours! ;) Really love your designs, they are wonderfuL!

I miss the Amsterdam Canals, especially on an early Monday morning when there are hardly any people out and it feels like you have the city to yourself!