Monday, 6 October 2008

screen printing ... my first print run

Wow, today we printed our first run...on hand...our hands.
I'd never screen printed before (gocco-ing doesn't really count) so I was super excited squeegee-ing the ink through the screen.

Tegan & I printing

The result is amazing. We were a little bit worried about our table setup etc, but it seems like we did a fantastic job. I think we might be open for business very very soon :)

Lara & I lifting the screen

For more stories [a very very funny story] on our first print run, please visit our blog.

The result, Lara's stunning Acacia print


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

How completely, awesomely cool! That looks like a workout in addition to having fab fabric at the end!

Fer said...

You girls absolutely rock! I wish I had an inch of your talent!!

mizu designs said...

so super happy for your girls! congratulations big time!!!

vlijtig said...

Dat ziet er heel goed uit! En wat een lef om een eigen drukkerij/studio te openen. Ik blijf je met veel interesse en nieuwsgierigheid volgen.