Thursday, 11 December 2008

Preview & more markets...

It has been a while since my last blog post but I haven't disappeared... in the time that I haven't been on this blog I managed to finished my Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (yay, I am now allowed to teach) and I have been snowed under at work (while my buddy is on holiday). I have a part-time job at a training institute and we're taking enrolments... So I'm trying to do a full-time job in the 3 short days that I work... crazy I tell you!

Luckily I had all of my fabric printed before all of that started... and this is what it looks like :) I will put it up in the shop soon, promise!

Bloem in Gold

Seeds in Olive

Bloem in Plum

Seeds in Teal

Just to let you know...
We're doing another market this weekend, in Yarraville.
Please come and visit us :)


tanya said...

Love the seeds in Teal and the base cloth is goegeous..where do you get it from????????????Simply divine!!!!!

Tinniegirl said...

So gorgeous. I can't wait to do some purchasing in the New Year.