Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tea towel swap...

Before I shut down the computer for a blog break and holiday, I want to share the tea towel I made for Leah's tea towel swap. The recipient will find this tea towel in her mailbox now, as we just dropped it off (sorry we scrunched it in your mailbox, it wouldn't fit otherwise).

Hope she'll like it :)


Janellybelly said...

Wow, that's gorgeous Bianca - its too beautiful to use :)
Enjoy your studio opening, have a great break & also a Very Happy Christmas.

Fer said...

Very envious of that tea towel - I'm sure she'll love it!

Have a great break and a wonderful Christmas!

leslie said...

i do! i do! i LOVE it!! but oh god, you guys dropped it off at my half renovated, half painted and generally disgraceful house? mortifying! at least baxter wasn't out to try and eat you through the hideous fence while you tried to cram it into the mailbox, that would have really topped off your keating residence experience : )

thank you sooooo much bianca, i really, truly love it!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

ha ha! Sounds like Leslie may have a heart attack!

Love the tea towel - you've done a gorgeous job..... perhaps you should make more of them in the future? (hint, hint)

Thanks so much for participating!

Leah xxx