Sunday, 7 June 2009

weekend goodness...

This weekend is all about relaxation... and a bit of work.

Yesterday we visited the Substation markets in Newport. What an amazing building! Absolutely stunning!

After a quick stop to stock up on yummie pasta, we headed to Yarraville for another market. The mission was to drop off new moon and have a chat to the lovely Sandra & Sharon... but of course I couldn't resist buying her awesome passport covers. With Europe only 10 days away, I simply had to have them. Thanks for the beautiful wrapping Sharon, enjoy new moon!

Going to Europe in style

We finished the day with a visit to our friends and the cinema, where we saw Samson & Delilah.

Today has been spent on the couch and at the supermarket (pretty boring, I know). Tomorrow I'll be in the studio, cutting and packing away for the Melbourne Design Market (which is awkwardly close now).

Lucky me gets to relax after that though... in 10 days I'll be on a plane to Europe to see my family, attend my best friend's wedding, spend some time in Paris and go on an indoor skiing trip to Germany... what a life!


Debbie said...

we also went to the market (thanks for telling us about it) and I'm actually in your photo!!!! I'm the lady in red on the left with short hair and red gloves (next to the lady in the pink on the left with her back to you). We had a nice time, lots of lovely items. My son wanted his face painted so we lined up for about 15 minutes and when we finally got to the front he started to cry and changed his mind!!! We stopped at 3 antique shops, had fish and chips at the pier at Willliamstown and went on the H.M.S. Castlemaine. Thanks for a great day!!!

Debbie said...

I've even spotted my hubby in the far back corner.....he had the boys with him, so I had some time to view the stalls on my own.....good man.

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Oh! You totally forgot to tease yourself for getting matching 'his & hers' passport covers :-) Nerds!! xxx

P.S. Sharon says thanks for new moon. She's about halfway through. We watched Twilight last night- dear lord, was it tragic!! In a good, funny way, though :-)