Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Wow, another year has passed... and what a year it was.
So much has happened in 2009, happy things, sad things, eventful things, difficult things, scary things. I can't say that '09 has been an easy year with a break up, a move and one of the most diffucult decisions right at the end. I might write about this one day, when I'm ready.

I'm definitely looking forward to 2010 and started the year in an amazing way. Through my job I got in touch with a fellow Dutchy, who's daughter works for ID&T, the company who has been organising 'Sensation' for years.

Image credit: Sensation

It's a Dutch organisation which puts on some massive events, such as Sensation. I have been to Sensation before, in 2002 in the Amsterdam Arena. I absolutely loved it back then, but didn't think that I'd ever go again because the tickets are quite expensive. Anyway, I'm drifting off... the girl who works for ID&T lives in Holland whilst her parents have been here for 28 years. During my work Christmas dinner we got talking about this and he thought it wouldn't be a problem to get us free tickets... he text his daughter et voila... free DELUXE tickets to Sensation! It was amazing, the show was spectacular and like last time I was excited to see everyone dressed in white, it's really something special. At midnight they had a sensational show with fireworks and the famous Sensation megamix, I had the best NYE ever!

The only negative was that I got a throat infection the day before NYE. I'm still fighting it and it's probably a good thing that I have a few days to myself (i.e. nobody to talk to) before going back to work. I've been keeping myself busy with...

reading magazines

decorating my apartment

looking after a friend's vegies in my kitchen

baking a pear upside-down cake

I'd like to say thanks to everyone for visiting my blog and the ink & spindle blog, for supporting our little business, for sharing their handmade creations, for visiting us at shows and for being our dedicated fans.

Happy New Year everyone, cheers to a great 2010!


clare's craftroom said...

All the very best for the New Year and I hope everything gets better for you , your throat as well .

Deirdre said...

yum - that cake looks divine!!
all the best for twenty ten :)

Wendy said...

love your art wall and that pear cake looks so good!

Karen said...

i love the color you painted your wall! do you by any chance remember the name of it?