Wednesday, 24 November 2010

More camera fun...

Last weekend it was such beautiful weather in Melbourne and I really wanted to use my new camera a bit more. I bought a canon 550D back in September and because the weather hasn't been all that good I feel like I haven't used it enough.

What better place to take photos than at the Melbourne zoo... I think most of Melbourne had the same idea because it was packed! Nonetheless, I had a great time and with my FOTZ pass I can go whenever I like and skip certain parts without feeling guilty.



Kangaroo paw

Baby elephant



Chantal said...

Beautiful photos. Particuarly the lion and the elephants!

Jacinta said...

Funny as we went to the Zoo on saturday for hubby's work christmas lunch and yes, it was packed! How cute is the baby elephant!!

Hollabee said...

Thanks Chantal. I think I was lucky it was so warm, the lion was lazy and the elephants loved the water.

Jac, the baby is sooo cute and sooo funny when he's playing.

Yahnay said...

Lovely photos!