Thursday, 13 January 2011

Queensland Flood Relief - Handmade Kids Auction

sadly, one of Australia's states is in a state of emergency due to flash flooding. it is unimaginable what people go through. the devastation it causes. one thing I admire aussies for is their strength and determination. even though it seems like it will never end and the clean up is going to take months if not years. aussies form strong communities. they help each other. it is great to see that so many bloggers are taking initiative. please donate to the Queensland Flood Relief.

Hollabee has donated to the Handmade Kids flood relief.
Even though I don't print anymore, I still have some fabrics and products at home and what better cause than this to share some 'old' hollabee love.

I have donated 4 hot water bottle covers (even though they won't be needed anytime soon) and a very limited edition mix pack of swirl fabric in pastel colours.

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