Wednesday, 4 July 2007

some days...

Some days are just totally my last 3 days where I went to work bright and early to find out that our computer system didn't work..well the two days after it was to find out that it hadn't been fixed yet...So my last 3 days were absolutely wasted. I spent my time drawing and reading magazines as I could do nothing else. The only good thing about it is that you can actually leave early and nobody would really blame you. So that's what I did.

Today I bought a new sewing machine, because I really needed an upgrade.

And I wanted to show you some new fabrics we bought.'s we as I dragged Marcel along to the patchwork shop and guess what... he loved it. He chose his own fabric which I will have to turn into a bag for him. He also got this idea of making a special pouch in which he can put his camera and then put it in his backpack, so it wouldn't get scratched. I know they sell camera pouches, but Marcel has one of those big ones that you don't just take in your pocket, so he's thinking of ways to protect his camera and lenses.

Well, here they are...some are for friends as they requested some bags.

I also got inspired by the grey and yellow floral pattern and decided to use these colours for my own design. (I still find it weird to call it 'my design' as I don't see myself as a designer...probably my insecurity)

I just found out that Marcel's fabric won't I will post an update soon.

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Amelia said...

oooh, i have a scrap of that ladybird fabric in the brick red colourway - gorgeous.