Thursday, 22 November 2007

etsy finds & purchases...

I've got a thing for prints at the moment...and here are some of my favourites...

from Catherine Campbell on etsy

from the black apple on etsy

from Ashley G on etsy

and other great finds:
Paperiaarre, Auntie Cookie, Anne Julie, howlindoggie, tsk tsk, ink+wit, Marcel Lee and many many more...have a look for yourself


Lara said...

Oooh nice finds. I have the ashley g one on my wall!

Amy said...

Hello :)

Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm not sure if you read through my first post but I have been following your blog for a little while now :) I first found you through Lara's blog as well.

I love how organic your designs are. Your bags are great! Did you design the circular swirl print yourself? Did you use Illustrator to do that? I'm very fond of Illustrator too, it is definitely my program of choice :)