Tuesday, 8 January 2008

back to work...

Monday was my first day back at work after a two week - much needed - break. It's kind of strange to be back, because we moved offices just before the break and I have to remind myself everyday to walk a different route, press a different level number in the elevator and memorise people's new work stations.

I'm trying to make my new workstation 'home-y and full of creativeness'. Here's what it looks like after two days at work.

Yep, this is where I spend my days, not doing anything creative...I think I might buy some cool decoration items or so and maybe some more photos will help to keep me inspired.

Being back at work hasn't stop my crafty projects thankfully. I have been working on this belt/wrap with Japanese fabrics. One of Marcel's friends really likes them but they're quite pricey so I promised to make her one. She'll be visiting Melbourne for the Australian Open in two weeks, so I have to finish it before she comes over.

The fabrics are mainly pink and red as pink is her favourite colour and the red brightens it up, making it a good mix that can be worn with lots of colours.

I have a really cool belt from the Danish brand noa noa which I used as a template to make this belt. It's turning out really well. It's sad that this brand isn't available in Australia as I truly love their simple designs, style and colours. Back in Holland I worked for a shop that sold this fabulous brand and I'm definitely going to visit and stock up in April.

Don't forget to visit the shop for a 15%-25% discount on selected items. The sale is on until the end of the month.


Danielle McDonald said...

Hhhhmmm will your work area always be that neat?! It's very impressive.

I love that you can just say, oh that's too expensive, I'll just make it! So clever. Your choice of colour works really well here too!

Love the new blog header too - very simple yet sophisticated.

Danielle McDonald said...

Yes fellow "westie"! I do think it's time we had a catch up. Let me know your thoughts when you get the chance. My email address is:

I think we need to start a proud westies group! Any other westies out there interested?!

Well, anyway - have a great day.

mizu designs said...

some of the noa noa dresses look similar to some i've seen in fcuk. the white knitted one in particular. you are so right - they have lovely designs. your belt looks really interesting!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous belt!

Bec said...

I love the Frankie poster on your wall!! I have that on the wall in my sewing room!