Saturday, 5 January 2008

Sale's on!

A lot of people are clearing their etsy shops to make space for new stock.

I made a selection of pretty things that are for sale on etsy...

Hollabee is having a sale of 15%-25% on selected items. For sales items, please visit the SALE section of my shop.

Happy shopping!

I also discovered a new etsy shop and blog. Some of you might already be familiar with Megan's work but I wasn't and I totally love her work. Megan is an illustrator from Swansea in the UK. She started her blog and etsy shop in September 2007 and is very popular already. Thought I should share it with you...

(picture from charliemotel)


Kirsty said...

Happy 2008 Bianca. I LOVE those illustrations. Thank you for sharing. Your recent fabric designs look gorgeous!

ShiriMe! said...

hi bianca,

lurker here... love the new designs for the year. love all three colors. good luck on the choice and can't wait to purchase some... (that'll be hard with a different time zone to catch it in time).

take care,

Pink Ric Rac said...

too cute!! i may have to get something!

ShiriMe! said...

hi bianca,

thank you for YOUR lovely comment.

never fear a big project like a quilt. mine's a mess. it probably would have turned out better had i the patience to actually work out the kinks and details and obstacles along the way.

it may be less frightful to start off small. perhaps a crib size quilt (mine is a bit smaller than a regular crib size quilt) and like me, use bigger pieces instead of the tiny pieces of fabrics of traditional quilts.

good luck!


Wendy said...

Hello! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I must say I am really liking your broken blocks design - it looks so good on your blog banner! I hope I can screen-print beautiful fabrics like yours one day :)