Friday, 24 October 2008

Bloem in charcoal...

yay! my very first print run... the bloem pattern in a subtle charcoal.
I'm very happy with how it turned out, the colour is just like I had in mind. This run has to be heat set before I can sell it and make products.

The girls also printed Teegs' first pattern today, check it out on our blog. Teegs is in the process of setting up an etsy shop, so you will all be able to get your hands on her lovely pattern soon.

As you might have read on Lara's blog, Ink & Spindle has been accepted for the Melbourne Design Market! It's so exciting, as it's like the biggest design market in Melbourne... scary though, I really have to start making lots of pretty now ;)


Kim Wallace said...

Oh I love it Bianca! It has come up beautifully. Very stylish...

Congrats on being accepted for the Melbourne Design Market too, very exciting news!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That's a beautiful new print.
Very exciting news about the MDM - I didn't realise there was a second one on this year.

tanya said...

hey there..
thanks for your reply/comment:)
I know heat setting is the worst part of the print process but sadly its also the most important part!!!!
At uni we'r stuck with using a heat does the job with smaller swatches of fabric but is quite a nightmare to heat a length!

little red hen said...

Fantastic fabric, the colour is lovely!