Sunday, 26 October 2008

Etsy prices adjusted...

Everyone is well aware of the fluctuations in currency, especially the Aussie dollar vs. the US dollar. Because of the massive drop, I have decided to monitor the currency fluctuations and adjust the prices in my etsy shop accordingly.

The prices in my etsy shop have dropped quite substantially now as I want to reflect the price of my goods in Aussie dollars. I don't want Aussie buyers to pay too much for my goodies online, so that's the reason for dropping the price so much.

Because the currency market is never stable, I will keep adjusting prices as currency markets go up and down. Seems to be fair I think.

If you're looking for Christmas presents, have a look in my shop... All of the fabric listed has now become 'limited edition fabric' as I won't reprint any of it. If you've always wanted some, now is the time to buy :)


Anna Laura said...

Hey Bianca, hope the printing is going well! I've tagged you on my blog, but if you're busy, or have done one recently or don't feel up to it please don't feel any pressure!

Altissima said...

May I suggest you list the AUD price in the product description -- then you don't have to worry about updating it every time the AUD/USD forex changes (which is several times a week at the moment!)