Friday, 6 February 2009

Bright Sumor...

Here are some new colour ways for my Sumor print... which will most likely be released at the Stitches & Craft Show (11 - 15 March @ the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds)

We've bundled our resources once more and will have an exhibition space for Ink & Spindle, which is very exciting because we've never done anything this big (apart from starting the business). We hope that you'll come and visit our stall and/or attend one of our workshops and seminars, which will actually not involve any printing...but it will be crafty and exciting.

Anyway, I'm drifting off... here are the new colour ways:

Sumor in Deep Sea on cream

Sumor in Fuchsia on cream

Sumor in Honeysuckle on cream

Sumor in Deep Red on natural