Saturday, 28 June 2008

sewing, working & a date...

it has been a while since my last post but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. The busy-ness was mostly work though...a full week last week. I offered to work full-time as we had an information day for our 2nd semester courses on Thursday and the acceptance letters had to be sent out on Friday. So it wasn't just my normal Mon - Weds week and I have to say that it was a hard week...I'm just not really used to the full-time working week any more and I really love working part-time.

In between working and sleeping I've been sewing...

for the Melbourne Design Market

more cutting and sewing happening this week

Today I'm going on 'a date' with my lovely boyfriend :) I really wanted to go on a mini-trip but with today's petrol prices it's basically impossible so we'll be visiting the Immigration Museum in the city today. I'm very excited because I really love the history of immigrants (being one myself) and they also have an exhibition of Kimono's on.

For those who missed the last post...the sale is still on in my shop
The sale ends on Monday 30th of June 8pm Melbourne time.


nerida said...

I work part time too and know how a random full time week can seriously affect your mojo! I'm usually in bed by 8pm on those weeks so I thought you were amazing still having the energy to sew!

I love your Hollabee tags for your work - do you get them locally in Melbourne?

Jessica said...

oh how I would love to visit your immigration museum~
immigrant history/culture fascinates me too..

Danielle said...

You have definately been a busy bee. Sounds like your "date" will be an extra nice way to finish a not so nice week.

Danielle said...

PS: I'm also very interested where you get your labels made?