Monday 25 May 2009

A bit of this...

I can't believe I haven't blogged for over a week and it's not like I've had a break... I wish! The last week has been so hectic. I swapped days at work as I was asked to supervise the expo I've been organising over the last couple of months. It all went well and it was great to be at the other end and get to know what goes on behind the scenes at an expo. Swapping days means that I now get to spend a full week in the studio... heaven!

Today my day mostly consists of finishing this:

... my lace homework for tonight... and it's not looking very hopefull as I keep doing things wrong... my teacher is not going to be impressed :(

The rest of the week we'll be busy printing and getting ourselves organised for the Melbourne Design Market, which is on the 14th of June. Please come and visit us :)

We're also having another open studio, which is on the 30th of May from 10am til 1pm.

Thursday 14 May 2009

New colour...

I just listed a new colourway in the shop. A delicious Deep Red on Cream.

Monday 11 May 2009

Back from Brissie...

Whilst the other girls post pretty patterns and funny stories, I'll be showing my shoes :) I bought these cute, adorable shoes on my trip to Brissie as well as a nice dress and top. (sorry for the bad pics, it's night time and I couldn't wait any longer ;)

I have to tell you that I never buy any brands or so, but I went a bit overboard and treated myself to a Wayne Cooper top :) for which I had to go back to the store in Melbourne because the shop assistant in Brisbane forgot to take the security tag off?! How did we ever get out of the store AND through airport security?

That aside, we had the best time in Brisbane. The weather was perfect, the company even better and the show was once again fabulous. It was so good to meet up with Brissie, Sydney and Melbourne crafters. The indie crafters even made it onto the local radio, how cool?! Thanks Brissie crafters, you're awesome!

And a huge thanks to Angela & the team too! We'll see you again in Sydney!

Our next event will be the Melbourne Design Market on the 14th of June, make sure you come and visit us... we like hot chocolate ;)