Friday 27 November 2009

New beginnings...

I think it's time for me to tell you about the latest development in my life. Lara blogged about hers, and like her, I have moved house too.

About a month ago I found a cute little apartment in Kensington and it was just perfect. New house, new beginnings. It hasn't been an easy time, but it is really nice to have my own space where I can be by myself. The other thing that's so great is that I now live within walking distance from the studio, Lara & Teegs... it's fun to be a Kensi local!

lounge room

I was lucky to 'know' the girl who lived here before and to know that she was moving out. She had been in the apartment for 12 years! The apartment needed a bit of a make over and the landlord was really really great about this. He let me choose my own paint colour and have a feature wall. Once he was done with painting he thought the carpet looked 'shocking' (his words) so he sent me out to find floorboards and get some quotes. As you can see, the floorboards are in and I'm loving them! It's great when you get to pick your own paint colour and floor... it's very common in Holland to do whatever you want to a rental place, but here in Australia they're not that flexible... I consider myself very lucky!

the original kitchen... how cute

Things are slowly happening, pictures are put up and furniture bought or recycled. It's so much fun!

Thursday 19 November 2009

Pretty pretty...

Blog posts seem to happen less frequent... but I'm still here... after a somewhat challenging period in my personal life... but more on that when I feel like writing it down.

We tend to blog over at Ink & Spindle and I usually don't really feel like copying a blog post, even though they're fabulous (dare I say so myself).

Here's something new though.. and also fabulous! As I was reading through my blog feeds I was scrolling down looking at pictures on Kim's blog and at first I scrolled over it until I somehow scrolled back because something caught my eye...

Picture from Udessi's blog

I love the black delft in the background and am also completely in love with the jewelry...

... wondering if I should make something similar in the form of a pin board... that would be nice too!