Thursday 24 December 2009

Sunday 13 December 2009


Christmas is slowly (actually not that slowly) creeping up on us and since I've moved, I haven't really had the time to shop for a Christmas tree that fits my tiny apartment. I still wanted to create a somewhat festive atmosphere and when I was browsing blogs on Friday I found this.

The one in the link is made of old jumpers but I didn't have any of those... What we did have in the studio was scraps of 100% wool felt and they were perfect for this wreath!

Here's the result... it's not as fancy as the one I found, but it's pretty Christmas-sy!

Sunday 6 December 2009

Melbourne Design Market no.3

Done n dusted... already!
The market was good, although, we feel like it wasn't as busy as previous times... but still good :) Our lovely ex-intern Jane came to help us in the morning, and Lou and Theresa were there in the afternoon. We also got a visit from the lovely JacRan... who brought us yummie treats.

Pocket Carnival & Rabbit and the Duck were part of our stall and it was heaps of fun hanging out with them. Penny also made some yummie goodness. We were spoilt!

I'm retreating to my couch to drug myself with medicine to scare off this cold that I can feel coming...

Only one more event to go. Our Open Studio on the 19th of December and then we'll be closing our doors for a well deserved Chrissy break!

I'll leave you with some pictures...

For more pictures, go to my flickr page.