Sunday 31 August 2008

great ocean road...

We're back from our relaxing weekend on the great ocean's just so beautiful!

Thursday 28 August 2008

winter sale...

Winter is not quite over yet...but I long for spring and summer. I still fill up my hot water bottle every night to keep my feet warm. For all you Aussies who do the same thing, I'm having a winter sale in my shop. Warm snuggly hottie covers and scarves.
For everyone in the northern hemisphere, this is your chance to prepare for your cold season...

We'll be away for the weekend...It's Marcel's birthday on Saturday and I'm taking him away on a trip. The destination is a surprise so I'll let you know where we've been on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday 26 August 2008

quiet on this side...

...but not on the other

the first white desk is mine...yay! The funky yellow bin will be for recycling and we looove the expedits, especially the one on castors

painting is fun :) I've never painted so much in my life. and oh my...Lara rocks...she's like the Ikea queen. She built every single piece in our office, I didn't do a thing. Well...I painted the window frames while she was building things. We had fun, lots of fun!

Thursday 21 August 2008

printing table...

wow...two posts in one day ;)
I'll keep this short as you can read all about it on our ink & spindle blog

just to let you know...our table arrived! yay!

Wednesday 20 August 2008

first aid...

I'm not quite sure if people are going to find this interesting or helpful at all...but I'd still like to post about it.

On Monday and Tuesday I did a first aid course at the Australian Red Cross and I found it extremely interesting, mostly because I never did a course in first aid and knew pretty much nothing about it.

Here are some things I'd like to share, and you might already know them...or not...

- The first thing to do when someone is unconscious is to roll them onto their side, make sure someone calls an ambulance and tilt the head back to free the airway. If the person does not breathe you have to start CPR immediately.

- Australia has many laws, but there is no law that says you must help someone with first aid, so if you witness a car accident you can choose to ignore it. There are only two legal duties of care: 1. if you are a first aid officer for your workplace, 2. once you've started providing first aid you can't walk away anymore

- The basic life support flowchart works like this:
D = Danger (check if there are any hazards around and if it's safe for you to help)
R = Response (check if the person responds to your voice and touch)
A = Airway (check if the airways are clear by opening the mouth)
B = Breathing (check if the person is breathing by listening and feel the tummy)
C = Compression (if no signs of life, start with 2 breaths, check again and follow up with 30 compressions + 2 breaths if no sign of life yet, continue until paramedics arrive)
D = De fibrillate (use a defibrillator - I recommend training for this)
...remember your DR ABCD

- In case of heart problems, always tell the ambulance services that it concerns the heart, they will prioritise that case and get there super fast.

- Symptoms & Signs of shock: altered conscious state, pale/bluish skin, cool & moist, restless/irritable, excessive thirst, rapid/weak pulse, rapid breathing, nausea or vomiting.

- What to do in case of shock: reassure the person, call an ambulance, manage the injury, lie the person down with the legs elevated, keep the person warm, don't offer any drinks, and apply your DR ABCD when necessary.

- In case of a snake bite you have to lie down and lie absolutely still, do not move! Most snake bites don't kill you if you stay still as your body will start making an anti venom. If you do move the venom will travel through your lymph, which are stimulated by movement. So lie still, bandage it tightly to stop movement and get to hospital asap.

Of course I learnt a lot more, such as how to treat asthma, burns, abrasions, heath exhaustion, strokes etc. but these are the things that impressed me most.
I really think everyone should know the basics of first aid and not just assume that they are doing the right thing, there were a lot of things I really didn't know.

Friday 15 August 2008


Thanks for all the lovely comments, I feel a lot better. A day on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a pot of tea definitely helps!

Here's something way more exciting than being sick...

Domino mag compiled a slide show featuring etsy fabric sellers...including moi. Go and check it's a fantastic website full of designer goodness.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

baskets and sickness...

I spent most of today curled up...being sick :( I guess it's one of the things that come with winter and even though I tried my best to escape it, I still got sick. The whole office at work has been sick over the past weeks and I thought I was doing well, but nope...

For those of you who know me, know that I can't stay in bed too long. One of the reasons is that I just have to do something or look at something, but another reason is that our bedroom is the coldest place in the house so I moved to the couch and watched some of the most boring Olympic sports. Swimming and rowing is ok to watch but I'm just not really into gymnastics or so. no offence.

Anyways, being at home today gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of the fabric baskets I made over the weekend.

While I'm at it...I'd also like to let you know that Marcel, my boyfriend, has joined the blogging club. His blog is about photography and everything that keeps him if anyone in Melbourne is looking for a photographer or wants some advice...have a look at his blog, website or send him an email.
note: I take all the pictures for this blog...wishing he'd do it...maybe soon, in the cool new studio

Thursday 7 August 2008

Floating top...

I made myself a top today. from a japanese magazine. with only a pattern and instructions that I can't read. am quite pleased with it. my first attempt to sewing clothes and 'reading' patterns. I might wear it tomorrow. and take another picture.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Big Packs...

The shop has been updated with some 'big packs'...and if you love a bargain (who doesn't) snap em up soon...I'm offering the second 50cm at 50% off :) (only available in the combinations listed)

Going to see mamma mia exciting...and then back to the studio tomorrow...

Tuesday 5 August 2008


A few days ago I found another fabulous blog that I would love to share with you. It's a website all about Australian art, craft and design, named Udessi...and the lovely Kim has just posted about ink & spindle...coincidence?...maybe...

Kim, who happens to be Dutch as well, is setting up an online gallery, offering unique contemporary Australian artworks.

She has made some fantastic bowls using materials such as doilies and eucalypt leaves. I'm in love with the doily bowls and hope she'll have the gallery up soon :)

..and obviously I am totally in love with this piece of art...Such an amazing representation of the two cultures and countries...Fantastic!

If you'd like to know more about Udessi, visit Kim's blog to see how things are coming along.

All pictures are from the Udessi blog

Sunday 3 August 2008


Today we visited the LIFE inSTYLE show at the Flemington Racecourse. It's great to see so many inspiring people and it was lovely to speak to some of them. Thanks so much for your help.

Of course we visited the lovely stand of Sprout Design. Rebekah and Tim have a fantastic looking stand, very cosy with beautiful products. I took some pictures of their stand...

Sprout Design fabrics and products

The new Designers for Sprout Design range (the orange cars are mine)

Lara, Rebekah and her little one, and me :)

Saturday 2 August 2008

bye bye floating...

With ink & spindle on it's way, I decided to do one last run of floating...yes...the last run ever! Once we start printing at ink & spindle I want to start with a clean's time for something new :)

I got a small quantity printed in three beautiful colours. The first is a deep red on cream, the second a sand on cream and the third a black on cream. I'm planning to use this creamy base cloth more in the future, it's a light weight cotton/linen and it's just beautiful to sew with.

floating in red

floating in sand

floating in black

The shop has been stocked with a small quantity of each colour for the time being...if you'd like a different quantity, please contact me at