Sunday 30 March 2008

autumn sale...

All items in my bigcartel shop are on sale. For your 10% discount, simply enter the discount code at the checkout. The code is AUTUMN and the sale is on until Tuesday evening the 1st of April 7pm (Melbourne time).

Friday 28 March 2008

coin purses & cushions...

I just updated my made it shop with some coin purses. I made these out of scrap fabrics that I had lying around...they're quite cute...

...guess I'm in 'production mode' now that I have two days per week for myself. My activities so far have been sewing, cutting, posting, selling, designing and relaxing. Now I really need to get organised so it all gets a bit easier...I'm one of those people that jumps from one end to another and has too many uncompleted 'projects'.'s something I managed to complete today. Some cushions with my own Icy Blue Swirl fabric and a lovely floral fabric I found at my local op-shop. I really love these cushions, they're a bit romantic & dreamy I think.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday 27 March 2008


we're off to the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy tonight for the Kodak Salon opening. Marcel is exhibiting three works so if you have time, drop's on from the 28th of March until the 10th of May. Gallery Hours are from Wednesday to Saturday, 11am–6pm

(the Panthera Onca photo is Marcel's, it's on the back of the ccp brochure)

Tuesday 25 March 2008

new patterns...

playing around with colours in my new, first two colour, pattern...any suggestions?

Stiches © Hollabee 2008

Stiches © Hollabee 2008

please note that this pattern is not to scale

People on my mailing list have just received an email with a discount code for everything in my online shop...if you'd like a discount as well...sign up for my newsletter now and receive your discount code. Offer is valid until the 1st of April 2008.

Saturday 22 March 2008

mailing labels...

now in my shop...fresh from the gocco...

mailing labels in green tea

mailing labels in orange

a lotta bag...

my new lunch box bag...for the new job...

Friday 21 March 2008


Over time I've been collecting some scraps...and while I normally give them away...I now have so many that I've decided to put some up for sale. They're really cheap and perfect for smaller craft projects. Most pieces are 18cm x 20cm or bigger.

On my way home from my last day at work yesterday I was lucky enough to find the local op-shop still open (I left work early...yay) and as I was about to walk out to go home, my eye spotted this fabulous table cloth.

I was about to cut it up to make cushion covers, but Marcel stopped me. He said I should leave it the way it is so he can use it for photo shoots. So you might see this one again in the future.

Wednesday 19 March 2008

bags, books and props...

the bag - custom made by mattt

the book - $15 from the second had bookshop on Flinders Street

the prop - a new 'old' soda sign from bed bath n table

Monday 17 March 2008

new edition to the family... not that kind

I just bought 'Wyatt' who was on today's etsy treasury, and isn't he absolutely adorable. I loooove the colours and I'm sure he's going to give me good company on the days that I'll be working from home.

I'm back at work last week here. I have to say that I'm still recovering from the Stitches and Craft show, where I got to meet lots of cool crafty peeps. Luckily this week is a short one, on Friday we'll hit the road for a weekend in Mildura...we have a birthday party to attend and I'm looking forward to it as I have never been to that part of Victoria.

Saturday 15 March 2008

last day tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the last day of the Stitches and Craft show...if you haven't been there yet...come and visit us, it's fun! We're on level 1 at the Living Creatively stand.

Here's my little corner at the show

and to see the little corners of other crafty here

For everyone who has been and wants more information on the demonstrations I we go:

Print Gocco:
a little goodness
print addict japan

Lampshade making:
Lara Cameron's tutorial on Lampshade making

Make your own mini tote tutorial
the mini packs in my shop are perfect for making this little bag, all you need to buy is fabric for the lining, straps and bottom

Thursday 13 March 2008

at the show...

The Stitches & Craft show was so much fun today. I was a little bit scared getting on stage for my interview, but I think I did ok.
It's so much fun to be with so many crafty peeps. I met Kristen, Angela, Amelia, Lululollylegs, Hiromi, Justine, Nicole, Thornberry, Townmouse, Miss Marzie and all the fantastic girls at Living Creatively. I'm sure I forgot some people...sorry for this...I have seen so many new faces today. Just let me know if I forgot anyone...I'll add you to my list of ever growing blogging faces :)

We all got to see and meet Kerri-Anne Kennerley today as she was the special guest on today's show.

I'll be back tomorrow (and Saturday...and Sunday) and you can catch me on stage at around 1pm...hopefully I'll be over my stage fear by then. See you there!

Another thing I meant to share with you...which has been pushed to the background because of the that I got a phone call on Tuesday that I was offered the job I applied for about a week ago. I had the interview on Friday morning, so they were really quick to tell me. I accepted and am really excited to start my new job on the 25th of March. The hours are exactly what I wanted, part time three days a week from 9am till 3pm. I will have Thursdays & Fridays to myself, which means that you will be seeing a whole lot more from my side. Yay, more fabric designs and other cool stuff :)

Wednesday 12 March 2008

stitches & craft show...

I'll be at the stitches & craft show from Thursday till Sunday...come visit me and heaps of other crafty peeps...

Wednesday 12 March till Sunday 16 March
10am - 5pm
Caulfield Race Course

Monday 10 March 2008

gocco & pizza...

another attempt at a gocco print...

... I think I used a little bit too much ink in the print (bottom).

Made a pizza tonight, with a home made crust...

... and pancetta, olive, yellow & red grape tomatoes and tasty cheese.

Sunday 9 March 2008

etsy shopping...

photos from Absoluut

... I just went on a spending spree and bought these funky cushions from Absoluut. They match our pink & orange theme...

Saturday 8 March 2008

pretty corners...

...busy weekend...but I can't seem to get my head around things. There's too much to think about...

tonight I'm going to a friends place for dinner...Marcel is in the country, shooting a wedding...

I'll leave you with some of my favourite decorations in our house.

Thursday 6 March 2008

more moo...

just in time for the Stitches & Craft show...

...I'll be at the Living Creatively stand from Thursday the 13th of March until Sunday the 16th of March.

Monday 3 March 2008

Make your tote

have fun sewing!

Sunday 2 March 2008

I gocco, you gocco, we gocco...

I decided to try my new gocco this weekend...

...while Marcel tried to hug a cactus.

He was out in the botanical gardens for a birthday and they were playing Frisbee. For anyone who doesn't know Marcel, he's very very competitive (almost a little arrogant) and he absolutely had to catch the Frisbee...even if it meant landing in a cactus. So he came home with cuts and splinters and they gave him a new nickname; 'cactus boy'.

For anyone who likes the orange clay bricks, there's only 50cm and a mini pack left in my big cartel shop...that's all...I'm at the end of the roll now...