Sunday 30 November 2008

Melbourne Design Market

Here are some pictures of our stall at the Melbourne Design Market.

A big thanks to all of you who came to visit us, it was lovely to meet you! Please keep an eye on our blog, there will be more exciting news from us soon...

We're off to bed.

... and for everyone who couldn't make it to the market... I have just updated the shop with some of my bloem & seeds fabrics :) To find my fabrics, click on fabric by the metre - hollabee.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Sprout in our shop...

For everyone who has little boys, nephews or just because you love it... I've put some Sprout Design mix packs in our shop.

A cold, rainy and windy day...

It was a very cold and rainy day yesterday, the day of our market.

We all huddled together with our hot water bottles and we were all wearing our winter jackets, boots and gloves.

Despite the cold weather the market went really well, and we'd like to say thanks to those who braved the weather and came to say hello and bought some of our stuff.

I'd like to share some pictures of our stall with you...

Friday 21 November 2008

Market 3031 - 22 November

Come see us tomorrow at market3031!

Saturday 15 November 2008

now in the shop...

They're all in the shop now. Bloem in Charcoal and Burnt Orange and Seeds in Charcoal and Green Tea.

The amounts are limited at this stage, but I will add more soon.

Bloem in charcoal has already sold out, but Bloem is still available in Burnt Orange. Seeds in Green Tea and Charcoal is also still available. To buy my fabric, visit the shop and go to 'fabric by the metre' and then click 'hollabee'.


... or at least trying to get everything ready for the markets we're doing. We have been busy cutting, sewing and printing at ink & spindle and we're putting together a nice range of goodies for you.

Come and visit us on the 22nd of November at market3031 or on the 30th of November at the Melbourne Design Market.

These cushions are made of some 'older' fabrics, that are still available in the shop for anyone who is interested.

Tomorrow ( I'm hoping to start on some products using my new fabrics and I'll also try to put some fabric up in the shop. I know you've all been patiently waiting for them and I just got my Bloem in Charcoal and Orange back as well as Seeds in Charcoal and Green Tea. They're on their way to the shop ;)

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Green House @ Federation Square

Today I went to Greenhouse on Federation Square, it's a temporary project featuring floors of old shipping crates, tables made from fire hydrants and a feature wall of wild strawberries. It's designed by Joost, and he's done a fantastic job! The rooftop has a vegie garden with potatoes, tomatoes, red berries, dill, parsley. You name it, it's there!

Go check it out for yourself if you're in Melbourne, it's great... I just looove that wall of strawberries. Yum!

Friday 7 November 2008


Bloem in Deep Red

Bloem in White

Ink & Spindle Online Shop

Lara has said it all... she has re-branded her online shop to an ink & spindle shop where we can all sell our goodies in one place. It was really a logical thing to do, especially with you [our customers] in mind. You will now be able to find all our fabrics and products in one location, you will save on shipping as we will combine all orders and you will only receive one package... because we care about the environment :) handy right? Just in time for Christmas...

We'll be doing some more printing today, so hopefully we can show it to you tomorrow and we're sewing, cutting and packing away for our two upcoming markets. We hope to see you at market3031 and/or the Melbourne Design Market.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Now that we've started printing our own fabric, I will not re-print my old designs... If you'd still like to own a piece of 'history'... now is the time. Just so you know ;)